This website is intended for an Australian and New Zealand audience who are interested in acromegaly
This website is intended for an Australian and New Zealand audience who are interested in acromegaly

If you do not already have an active lifestyle, below are some reasons why you should keep active, as well as some tips to help you to increase your level of physical activity.

If you are already quite physically active and regularly run or go to gym classes a few times a week, then keep it up.

Just remember to give yourself time to recover between exercise sessions if you do not already do so, by exercising every other day or alternating the exercises and activities that you undertake.

Naturally there may be days where you do not feel like exercising, or perhaps your acromegaly causes joint pain that makes exercises difficult or just not possible for you. If this is the case, talk to your doctor as perhaps they can suggest medication or gentle exercises that are suitable for you.

Talk to your doctor or another healthcare provider before undertaking any new exercise plan, or if you would like advice on what exercises you should be doing.


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