This website is intended for an Australian and New Zealand audience who are interested in acromegaly
This website is intended for an Australian and New Zealand audience who are interested in acromegaly


You have to face up to having a life-long condition and having negative feelings solves nothing

This patient testimonial reflects only this person’s opinions about their own care. Each person’s case is unique.  You should always consult a doctor for information and advice about the diagnosis and treatment of acromegaly.

Please note that all treatments may have side effects. Ask your doctor about side effects when considering a given treatment.

Before my diagnosis I had several strange experiences, which at the time I put down to stress, but that I now know were probably due to my acromegaly.

Looking back I also noticed that the shape of my face was changing very slowly. My dentist was saying that my teeth alignment was changing although he did not raise it as a problem.

It was not until I started getting bad headaches that I realised there was really something not right. I did a bit of research online and asked my doctor if he could do a blood test as I thought I had a pituitary tumour.

After blood tests confirmed this, it really only hit me that I had a pituitary tumour after I was referred to an endocrinologist at the hospital and felt very conscious that I had a disorder. Up until then I had not been really worried.

After diagnosis, I entered into quite a dark period. I suddenly started focussing on the fact I had a tumour on my pituitary gland, it’s in my head. Lots of worry and questions about the future. Luckily I had friends and family around me to try to keep me grounded.

Acromegaly has affected my self-image and what I see in the mirror, although it has got better. You have to face up to having a life-long condition and having negative feelings solves nothing. There are options and while you have to live with it you have to try to remember to be kind to yourself. The people that love you for who you are will carry on loving you for who you are.

I had surgery to remove the pituitary tumour but this did not completely bring my growth hormone levels down to a normal range so I was put on medication.

I view my appointments at the hospital positively as I am receiving regular checks on my health overall and talk about my concerns. I am probably more in touch with my health than most people out there because I know what is going on and everything is checked.

Since I’ve been on treatment I’ve completely changed in lots of ways. My wellbeing has increased, I have got more energy and I have got back to an active lifestyle.


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